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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the developer’s goal for Haciendas Palo Verde?

We aim to create a peaceful and secure living space where residents can enjoy the natural beauty of Baja.

2. Are the lots serviced with water?

Yes, water pipes run adjacent to every lot in Haciendas Palo Verde. They are pressured up and ready to be tapped. The neighborhood system buys water from SAPA, the municipal water utility department, and pumps it up the hill to each private residence. This closed exclusive private system helps ensure dependable water pressure to the higher elevations of the neighborhood.

3. How much does water cost?  

There is an initial hookup fee of $2,000 pesos (approx. $150 USD). Water is charged at $22 pesos (approx. $1.70 USD) per cubic meter, and a $100 peso (approx. $7.70 USD) monthly maintenance and administration fee applies. Pre-payment billing avoids residents the hassle of monthly bills while they’re away. Monthly emails keep residents informed about their account status.

4. What about electrical power?

Underground electrical power runs to each lot.  Electricity is billed by CFE, the power utility department, every two months.  Bills are received at your residence and paid with cash using a simple automated system at the CFE office in La Paz.

5. What type of road accesses Haciendas Palo Verde?

A graded and compacted gravel road runs about a ½ kilometer from the highway to the entrance of Haciendas Palo Verde.

6. How does the environmental preservation plan work?

Preserving native vegetation will maintain Hacienda’s natural beauty and minimize harmful impact on the environment. Our approved environmental protection plan, as authorized by Mexico’s environmental protection agency SEMARNAT, requires lot owners to leave at least 50% of natural cacti and vegetation unaltered. How will this be done, you ask? Easy: just make sure that your construction’s “footprint” doesn’t exceed half of the lot’s total surface area. And one last detail; cacti and vegetation marked with orange metal tags have been assigned for preservation and should be conserved. If you find one that gets in your way, simply transplant it to somewhere else in your lot.

7. Can the cardón be successfully moved?

Yes. Amazingly enough, these hardy cacti can withstand hurricanes, droughts, and still live for hundreds of years in a harsh desert setting. Small and mid-sized cardón can easily survive careful transplant. Most agree that large cardón are best left as bold landscaping, although it is OK to remove one if you absolutely must.

8. What are the property taxes for a typical home in Haciendas Palo Verde?

As of 2009, yearly property taxes were not much more than a few hundred USD for an average household---paid in pesos, of course.

9. What’s being done to protect the view?

First, we selected hillside land that had enough slope so that most of the homes’ views would be unobstructed. Then we chose to service lots with underground electrical power, so as to rid the neighborhood of unsightly power poles. Also, a maximum height has been set for each lot in the Design Guidelines document, and thick roof-top palapas are disallowed. These provisions will help ensure that neighbors won’t obstruct your view with over-sized homes.

10. I've heard that Haciendas Palo Verde has an HOA. How does it work?

Yes, you join the Homeowner’s Association when you purchase a Haciendas lot. Established in 2008, the Homeowner’s Association brings members together to assist with maintaining and improving the neighborhood. Annual dues of $7,000 pesos (about $535 USD or $572 CAD) go toward the general upkeep of the neighborhood, as well as neighborhood security in the form of a night watchman. The Homeowner’s Association has the power to adjust the annual dues amount, through democratic means, so as to benefit everyone.

11.  What about the Architectural Review process?

A simple architectural orientation and review process has been established that sets a minimum standard for home design. Architectural creativity is encouraged, allowing you to choose from Spanish Colonial, Mexican Rustic, Tuscan, and Mediterranean styles.

12. Can I own land in Mexico?

Yes. If you are not a Mexican citizen and would like to own land in Baja, you’ll need to arrange it through a fideicomiso.

13. What is a fideicomiso? How much does it cost? How long does the process take?

A fideicomiso is a bank trust that enables foreign possession of land within 50 km (about 31 miles) of the Mexican coastline. The land’s legal title is put in the name of a certified Mexican bank and is administered on the foreigner’s behalf, allowing the foreigner to enjoy the same rights as a Mexican citizen. The fideicomiso can be renewed every 50 years for an indefinite number of times. The initial fees related to a fideicomiso typically cost about $6,000 USD, and the process may take 2 to 4 weeks from start to finish. An approximate maintenance fee of $460 USD is charged annually and can be paid via mail or at the office of the fideicomiso administration company here in La Paz.

14. What medical services are available in La Paz?

There are great private and public hospitals in La Paz. Foreigners typically use Hospital Especialidades Médicas, a private bilingual hospital a short 10 minute drive from Haciendas Palo Verde in the Fidepaz neighborhood (tel. 612/124-0400). The general hospital is Hospital Juan María de Salvatierra (tel. 612/122-1497), on the street Nicolás Bravo in central La Paz. Prices for medical service, dental work, and pharmaceuticals are quite affordable.

15. How far is the beach?

The nearest beach is about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) from Haciendas Palo Verde.

16. How do I stay in contact with my friends and family from Haciendas?

A broadband internet receiver can be installed in your home for approximately $600 USD by a third party, and will costs about $45 USD per month for the connection. You can then set up a voice-over-internet phone (Vonage or Skype), to place international calls inexpensively.  Prepaid cellular phones are typically used for local calls, but service plans are available.

17. Is title insurance available for Haciendas Palo Verde lots?

Yes. Both Stewart Title and First American offer title insurance in the La Paz area.