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Existing Home Plans

For your information, here are some plans for homes that have already been built in Haciendas Palo Verde. You can also build the custom home you've always wanted, which adheres to the architectural design guidelines of the community.


San Josédsc_0040

Construction Area: 122m²
Description: Casa San Jose is a two bedroom, two bathroom model with all of the accomadations necessary for a comfortable life. A large master bedroom features a large sliding glass door, which frames the beautiful view of the Bay of La Paz and the surrounding environment. The owners of the master bedroom can enjoy a private terrace, a dressing room, and a private bath. It has a kitchen, a breakfast bar, and a dining area for. A pergola shades the terrace at the back of the house, which is provided with ample space for everyone to enjoy the view and cool breeze.

Haciendas Palo Verde Casa Loreto


Construction: 1,453 square feet
Description: Casa Loreto is a warm and inviting style home. The model features 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, each locatated at opposite ends of the house. Three sliding glass doors provide a stunning view of the bay from the bedrooms or main living area and also serve to allow access to a shaded terrace. At the center, residents can relax or entertain across from a well porportioned kitchen. A dining area and seperate laundry space serve to compliment the home nicely.



Construction: 2,067 square feet
Description: Casa Comondú is a mid-range priced home. It is a 2 bedroom/2bath model with bedrooms on opposite ends of the home. Both of the bedrooms have sliding glass doors which allow for a stunning view of the bay and provide access to a shaded terrace. The master bedroom suite features a jetted tub, a separate shower and a spacious walk-in closet.  A tiled staircase leads to an expansive rooftop terrace with a thatch shade. Space has also been allocated for a cozy office.

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San Ignacio

Construction: 2,164 square feet
Description: Casa San Ignacio is an elegant home with two large bedrooms at each end of the house and a roomy, private office with an arched, front-facing window. Sliding glass doors in both bedrooms provide a wonderful vista across the bay and access to the pergola shaded terrace. The master bedroom suite features one of our largest walk-in closets, dual vanities and a separte jetted tub and shower. A tiled staircase to the rooftop leads to a cool, palapa shade to enjoy the ocean views and breezes.


Santo Domingo

Construction:: 2,379 square feet
Description:: Casa Santo Domingo is replete with many of our most attractive features.  It is a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom model with both master bedrooms designed as suites in our largest dimensions, and each with a walk-in closet. Views of the bay, mountains and city lights abound from any of the four sliding glass doors that can be found in the bedrooms, living room or kitchen. A cool, shaded terrace spans the rear of the home and is a perfect entertaining area.  A wrap around tiled staircase leads to the rooftop terrace where owners will find additional entertaining space under the palapa shade.  Additional features in the home include extra pantry space, a designated laundry room, and an office area. 


San Javier

Construction:: 2,465 square feet
Description:: In the San Javier model, owners will enjoy two master bedroom suites, both with spacious walk-in closets. The master bedroom suite boasts a shaded, sliding glass door with a sweeping view of the bay. A jetted tub in the master suite also has a window view over the water. The primary living space is nearly wall to wall glass doors leading to a shaded terrace where one can appreciate the views and breezes simultaneously. Additional features include a laundry room with side access from the house, an office nook, tiled stairs to the rooftop terrace with a palapa shade adjacent to a stylish copola dome.



Construction:: 2,917 square feet
Description:: Casa Mulege is the largest and most elaborate home choice available. Featuring 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, an office area and a garage, this home has it all. The master bedroom and second bedroom enjoy large, sliding glass doors for a beatiful view of the bay and access to the shaded terrace. Both full baths offer dual vanities and a walk-in closet adjoins the master suite. Another sliding glass door in third bedroom leads to a quiet, private terrace. The home also features a spacious entertaining area, a covered rear terrace, tiled stairs leading to a rootop patio, a stylish copola adornment and woven palo de arco exterior window shadings.