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Haciendas properties are located on the hillside of the El Centenario area of La Paz. This location provides extraordinary vistas of the bay, mountains, and the city. Property sizes range from approximately 1300 square meters (1/3 acre) to 2000 square meters (1/2 acre). This range of lot size accomodates large homes while ensuring a comfortable sense of privacy. A close-ended road reduces through traffic and maximizes security. Underground utilites, including water and electricity, have already been provided to each lot. Palo Verde envisions a community in which residents have the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding nature. Our team has worked closely with the Mexican environmental agency, SEMARNAT, to complete an Environmental Impact Study and to formulate a plan to maximize conservation.

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Phase One

Haciendas Palo Verde La Paz Real Estate Phase One

Phase Two

Haciendas Palo Verde Phase Two

Phase Three

Haciendas Palo Verde Phase Three